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Indoor GPS or autonomous control Solution

Is there any budget solution to operate a drone indoors? I want to use it with Pixhawk 2.4.8. As GPS does not work indoors, autonomous flight becomes impossible. So, is there any solution to provide a ...
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Coordinated Array of Drones (different makes / models) [closed]

I'm an experienced programmer but a complete novice when it comes to drones. What I'm looking to do is probably not completely legal so consider this question to be hypothetical unless you believe ...
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Why is my drone oscillating on position hold after I move it a few meters?

I have built a 5 inch quadcopter using inav 5, mateksys f722, and M8q-5883 gps. When I enable position hold with gps, the drone is relatively stable, but when I move it a few meters forward, it will ...
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Where can I see restricted areas for flying?

I am based in Miami and I am aware that some areas do not allow drones such as airports or some public areas. Before I purchase a drone, is there somewhere I can access to see restricted areas? Also, ...
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Ardurover: Cannot get NMEA from GPS to ardurover: Raw serial is fine

I am running ardurover (title bar says "Mission Planner 1.3.77 build 1.3.8110.38294 ArduRover V4.4.0-dev (650e8652) on a Beaglebone Blue with Linux 5.10.140-bone-rt-r68. I have a GPS connected to ...
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Looking for a drone with Microcontroller

I am looking for a drone with a microcontroller, that I can access (preferably Raspberry PI). In my research, I found plenty of drones with an API (for example DJI Tello), but I could not find one, ...
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INAV beeps enabling NAVPOSHOLD?

I'm running a 500cm frame with 11" rotors. It flyes but the navigation modes seem to be a tip suprised, that INAV 3 seems to have some troubles, when I turn on the 3D GPS+baro position hold (...
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Why doesn't my GPS get any satellites?

I got a new GPS for my Matek f405, and after I set it up and got betaflight to recognize it, I can't get any satellites. It's a BEITIAN BN-220T.
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BS 220 GPS NMEA - UBLOX using U-center

I have a quad with an omnibus f4 v3 flight controller an FS-ia6b receiver. I also have a bs 220 gps wired in correctly to the flight controller however it is outputting NMEA and this has many errors. ...
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How do I change GPS elements on the Betaflight OSD for my Acrobee Lite?

Right now I'm on Betaflight trying to change the OSD for my AcroBee Lite and it's being really weird, I can't seem to get more than three little thingies to be shown at once. Is there some sort of ...
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