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Use in reference to the manufacturer of consumer RC transmitter and receiver gear.

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Trying to bind xm+ to tx12 radiomaster

Hello I am trying to bind xm+ to a radiomaster tx12 w cc2500 mode inside ive tried rolling back the firmware on the xm+ but to no prevail. Also tied version 2 with frsky x2 (d16) Nothing seems to be ...
4 votes
0 answers

Can I use an RX6R's PWM and SBus outputs simultaneously?

I'm looking at options to build a pan/tilt system for FPV. The FC that I have available has only 4 servo outputs, and the airplane has 3 servos. Given this, I can't run the pan and tilt through the FC....
9 votes
1 answer

What do I need to do to get OpenTx 2.3.X to include D8 on a Taranis QX7 model?

I'm trying to do away with swapping my multiprotocol module and CRSF Micro TX unit, and have some D8 receivers that can arguably do the trick, but I haven't had any success with this after flashing up ...
5 votes
1 answer

Can you connect a mamba405-mk2 flight controller with a FrSky R-XSR receiver?

Spec for mamba405: Spec for R-XSR: Looking at ...
5 votes
1 answer

FrSky receiver snap-on connection problem

The snap connector thingy (picture included) on the xm+ receiver (although it is the same with nearly every other receiver) I have stupidly disfigured, as well as the antenna end. Is it possible to ...
2 votes
2 answers

Difference between XM and XM+ receivers?

I have seen both XM and XM+ receivers and am wondering which one would be better to get for a micro-drone build. What are the differences in specs? (range, reliability, weight, etc)
2 votes
2 answers

How do I set up the RSSI readout on an XM+ receiver channel?

I have an old XM+ receiver that does not do RSSI. Some of the newer ones come with RSSI set up on a channel. How can I set up RSSI to be on a certain channel?
4 votes
1 answer

How to use an XM+ receiver without a flight controller?

All of the model aircraft I have seen without flight controllers normally have a receiver with all of the channels separate. Is there any way I can use a receiver like an XM+ receiver on a model ...
6 votes
2 answers

What is the background of remote controller modules?

I've seen that in many remote controllers you can plug in an external module under it. Are there other purposes for these modules than just being transceivers? Are the module bays offered by multiple ...
16 votes
2 answers

What does it mean for SBUS to be an inverted protocol?

I've heard talk about how F4-based flight controllers can't natively support the SBUS receiver protocol without special circuitry. What does this mean and what hardware is needed to invert an inverted ...
10 votes
3 answers

What is the advantage of SBUS over IBUS?

Flight controllers have to implement an inverter to process the SBUS signal. Why is SBUS not just uninverted?
3 votes
2 answers

How do I set up LUA scripts on my OpenTX radio?

I’m looking at how to use LUA scripts and was wondering how to configure them I am OpenTX radio. Thanks. More info: at present, I don’t want to write my own scripts, only run scripts that I can find ...