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A FrSky diversity receiver that uses SBUS signaling.

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Trying to bind xm+ to tx12 radiomaster

Hello I am trying to bind xm+ to a radiomaster tx12 w cc2500 mode inside ive tried rolling back the firmware on the xm+ but to no prevail. Also tied version 2 with frsky x2 (d16) Nothing seems to be ...
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How to wire F4-FC-t-motor to FrSky-Xr602t-f2-D16 receiver

I have a t-motor F4 flight controller which I want to wire to a crossover Frsky D16-XR602T-F2 receiver. For power (5v) and ground, it is clear and it works. I connected the ...
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XM+ bound to FRSKY x9 lite, but commands not showing up in betaflight

I'm very new to making drones, so sorry in advance for lack of proper terminology or if this is a dumb question. I've bound my xm+ to my transmitter (solid green light showing on receiver), but for ...'s user avatar
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How does having bent antenna impact reception?

I have heard that when an antenna is bent, it can reduce the performance of the antenna and thus limit the range of a drone. This is mentioned in this video at 5:29. I am wondering why a bend in an ...
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FrSky receiver snap-on connection problem

The snap connector thingy (picture included) on the xm+ receiver (although it is the same with nearly every other receiver) I have stupidly disfigured, as well as the antenna end. Is it possible to ...
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How to mount XM+ receiver antennas?

I like to use XM+ receivers on many drones as they seem to work well and are small/light. What is the best angle and position to mount the antennas of an XM+ receiver in order to get the best signal? ...
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