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Questions tagged [fpv-cameras]

Any camera commonly used on drones or model aircraft for an FPV view.

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How can I read the recording status of a Runcam Split 4 through UART?

I am working on a project where I need to interface with a Runcam Split 4 using its UART protocol. You can find the protocol documentation here I am able to get info about the device features through ...
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Watch videos from fpv camera without goggles

I have this vtx VTX Eachine TX805 (25mw - 800mw) analogic + antena foxeer with a standard CM1200 analogique 25x25 camera. But I don't have gogles, and I would like to capture videos, pictures and to ...
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Determining Typical Bandwidth for 2.4GHz Radio Control in Drones for FPV Camera Data Transmission

I'm working on a drone project that involves transmitting FPV (First Person View) camera data using a 2.4GHz radio control system. I'm trying to calculate the potential delay in transferring this ...
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What components would I need to capture high resolution images mounted on a 5 inch drone (not FPV images)?

I have built my own 5 inch drone using a Mateksys f722 controller and INAV, but I'm confused on what components I need to make an image capture interface similar to the DJI drones. For example, the ...
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wireless camera options

I know drones use high fps and long range cameras, I'm working on a tracked robot and quality is a higher concern then fps per say. I have found boards that allow multi camera options but I was hoping ...
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Seeking Guidance on Camera Selection and Image Transfer for Drone-based Insulator Monitoring Project

We're working on a final year project involving a drone that flies to towers, captures images of insulators, and sends them for processing on a computer. We've assembled the drone, and now our main ...
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