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Use in reference to the Chinese RC radio hardware company that makes 2.4 GHz transmitters and receivers.

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multiwii drone highly unstable

i built a drone using multiwii 2.4 following are the components arduino uno 1800 kv bldc motor 30 amp esc mpu6050 flysky fsi6 transmitter and reciever 10 inch propeller i uploaded the code and ...
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Drone falling on one side while taking off

i made a quadcopter using arduino and am quite new to it. when i 1st flew it it fell on one of the sides i used: 1800kv golden bldc motor 30 amp esc 1045 propellers arduino uno and mpu 6050 fsi6 ...
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Having trouble getting servo to work

I am extremely new to the whole diy rc thing, so please just bear with me. I am trying to make an rc boat, and have purchased a flysky receiver and transmitter for it. I plugged in my battery and ...
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Esc beeping on first channel

I have a Flysky fai6s transmitter which I used to control my ESCs. When I put the wires of the ESC on channel 1 of the receiver the ESC starts beeping, but on other three channels it works fine. I ...
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How can I update my flysky fs-i6?

I bought a flysky simulator cable but my computer running Windows 10 won't recognize the transmitter when I plug it in. I even tried it using Arduino UNO and a Windows 7 PC but didn't work either.
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Flysky FS-ia10b output more than 2000 microsecond pulse

I just modified a servo to spin 360 degrees by taking out its potentiometer and replacing it with a voltage divider of roughly the same value. So when I use an Arduino, I have to send a pulse of about ...
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How to build a buddy box cable for FlySky FS-i6X RC transmitters?

I have a couple of FlySky FS-i6X RC transmitters that I'd like to use to teach my brother how to fly. I've seen other people use "buddy box" cables that connect two transmitters and allow one person ...
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