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Characteristics of the in-flight performance of a drone/model aircraft.

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Flight properties vs Energy Storage, is it a linear relationship?

I found an interesting drone platform from the brand: Dji Drones. From the spec sheet found here, I realized it had some limitations... but was curious if were to modify by adding more batteries, ...
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Radius of drone when hovering in circles

According to Energy Minimization for Wireless Communication With Rotary-Wing UAV, it is better to fly in circles than to hover at a single place (if hovering is required). Flight requires less power. ...
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If AUW is 90 grams, will 4500Kv motors be better than 7500Kv?

I have a build that is 90 grams and runs great with 7600Kv motors. My question is, if everything stays the same and I put on 1204 4500Kv motors on it, would I get more flight time? More power or ...
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Drones capable of smooth plane/bird-like flight

Multirotors are small rotorcraft with flight dynamics which result in an unnatural "flight experience". Are there multirotor autopilots which would be able to simulate a more "natural&...
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How do DJI drones achieve such long flight times compared to traditional FPV drones?

DJI is able to achieve ~30 minute flight times with their dones. Whereas, a typical FPV drone is only ~7 minutes I see this as a huge achievement by DJI, I am interested to understand how they were ...
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Do aerodynamics scale for model aircraft?

If I wanted to make a scale model plane that looked like a real aircraft, could I just scale down all of the measurements of the actual aircraft to make a model aircraft with similar flight ...
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