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Use in questions relating to drones or model aircraft which are operated with a video transmission from the drone/aircraft to a ground station or headset.

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Can circularly and linearly polarized antennae be used together for FPV?

I have a few spare antennae of mixed polarizations I'd like to be able to reuse for my FPV gear. Is there anything I need to know about incompatible configurations of mismatched polarizations ...
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What blocks an FPV video signal?

I am interested in long-range range FPV flying. What things block the video signal of a 5.8gHz video transmitter the most?
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Why is it bad to power up a drone without an antenna on the VTX?

I've heard a few times now that if you power up your drone you have to make sure that you have an antenna on the VTX. Is that true? If so, what will happen if I power up my drone without an antenna on ...
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When flying FPV in a group, what are the best video transmission channels/frequencies to use to avoid interference?

When flying FPV drones in a group setting it is very important to choose appropriate video transmission frequencies so you don't interfere with others that are flying near you. What are the best ...
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How to fix OSD flickering?

I just changed my Diatone R349 flight controller because the old one broke. On my first test flight, I noticed the OSD is flickering very bad, sometimes losing it for more than 1 second, even when not ...
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Streaming FPV over WiFi?

I met a guy some time ago running a first person view (FPV) stream over Wifi. He said that the setup didn't use a complete Operations System Interconnect (OSI) network stack and this allowed them to ...
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