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Questions tagged [dji-mavic-pro-1]

For questions about the first Dji Mavic Pro drone

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4 answers

How to revive an over-discharged DJI Mavic battery?

I left my drone on until the battery shutdown. The Mavic battery bottom meter light flashes 16 times when checking charge. When i place the battery on DJI chargers it will not charge and also ...
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0 answers

How can I see the coordinates of my vanilla DJI Mavic while flying?

What is the best way to get an older software version DJI Mavic to display GPS coordinates using the iPad? What about a new one? Is there a difference? If I can use something like Litchi to fly the ...
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1 answer

Will connecting my Mavic Pro to a an iPad Litchi app try to update my Mavic Pro firmware?

I have an iPad that I keep offline and use the DJI Go app with. If I install Litchi, return the iPad to offline mode and connect it to my Mavic Pro will it try to update my Mavic Pro firmware? Is ...
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1 answer

DJI Mavic Pro Navigation System Error, After Crash

After repairing my hardly crashed Mavic Pro, I encountered this error: "Navigation system error, check redundancy state", and here's what I did to clear out this error: IMU calibration ...
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