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Use in reference to the DJI Mavic Air 2, a ready-to-fly prosumer 300mm class aerial cinematography drone.

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Dji mavic air 2 "remote controller not connected" when trying to connect to aircraft

So i just updated my drone to the new firmware and when i tried to start up my drone i kept getting a message saying that the remote controller isn't connected. Both batteries are full and i tried a ...
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I don't have Mavic Air 2 camera image on my IPhone

Recently, I updated my IPhone DJI Fly app to the latest version, and all of a sudden there's no image from the drone's camera on the app, I have even tried multiple devices, nothing. That's while I ...
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DJI controller storage tips

I have the DJI air2s, and I have both the RC controller and N1 controller. Obviously I'm going to want to use the RC controller more than the N1. I'm aware that you can take DJI batteries off the ...
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Dji Mavic air 2 from sensor not working after drop in water

Recently my drone crashed in a tree then felt down in water, and the front sensor did not work any more. The error I was getting are: 180018 & 180019 I bought a new GPS module and new front sensor,...
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