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Use in reference to servos that don't take pulse width modulated (PWM) signals for rotation control.

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Pixahawk compatibility with high voltage digital servos

I am a novice RC member whom is doing a university project that uses a flight controller to actuate high voltage digital servos. It is part of a ducted fan rocket. The servos :
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4 votes
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Flysky FS-ia10b output more than 2000 microsecond pulse

I just modified a servo to spin 360 degrees by taking out its potentiometer and replacing it with a voltage divider of roughly the same value. So when I use an Arduino, I have to send a pulse of about ...
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My DIY Project - My motors and voltage regulator for water pump does not work at the same time

I am working on a project to make a quadrocopter that can spray liquid material. Unfortunately, I had this problem: when I give full thrust and try to activate the water pump at the same time, the ...
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Difference between analog and digital servos?

I've noticed that there is often a price gap between analog and digital servos. What is the difference between an analog and digital servo and why is a digital servo better?
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