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Use in reference to current sensors on an aircraft that monitor the amount of power being consumed.

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How to understand "continue current" parameter of drone motor?

I installed to drone four motors which has continue current parameter of 30A. So, I assume that my drone should take 120A from battery, but maximum value that showed in my goggles is 7A. So, how does ...
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At what per-cell voltage should I land?

I built 5" quad and I'm using 4S 1300mAh LiPo batteries. My question is: at what voltage should I land? Let assume that I'm trying to land when my battery is as low as it should go without causing ...
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What are the usual engineering considerations for a UAV current sensor?

Current sensors are a popular feature in both multicopter and fixed wing flight control stacks. Most of them are analog, i.e. convert the current into a voltage using a small-value shunt resistor (...
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