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Use in reference to the Team Blacksheep Crossfire Nano RC receiver compatible with the Crossfire long-range RC system.

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How to connect TBS Crossfire nano rx to Matek F405-WMN?

How to connect crossfire nano rx to FC Matek F405-WMN? I don't see commands receiver connection on the wiring diagram Is it possible to connect two ...
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Crossfire/Unify - Change Settings in TX and in OSD

I have a Crossfire Nano RX and a Unify Pro32 Nano VTX. I'm using the CRSF setting and wiring to allow the LUA script in the radio to change the settings in the VTX (power, band, channel, pitmode on/...
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Crossfire, Unify VTX settings are being overwritten

I have a crossfire nano hooked up properly to a unify pro32 HV. Everything works as expected and perfectly except when I use the Crossfire Lite OSD to change the VTX settings. When I change the ...
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