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Use in reference to the "C-rating" for batteries describing how much current can be theoretically be safely drawn from the battery pack.

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Flight properties vs Energy Storage, is it a linear relationship?

I found an interesting drone platform from the brand: Dji Drones. From the spec sheet found here, I realized it had some limitations... but was curious if were to modify by adding more batteries, ...
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A2212 1000kv Brushless motor keep beeping and twitching

I have bought an A2212 1000Kv brushless motor and a 30A ESC. I power this setup with a 7.4v 2s 30c 800mah LiPo battery. For the signal, I am using a DIY Arduino receiver and transmitter. When I test ...
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quadcopter specification This quadcopter offers a 90-minute flight time on a 14S-14000mah Li-ion battery. The propellers being used have a 22-inch x ...
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Is there a way to estimate battery discharge duration from mAh and C-rating?

Lots of batteries are out on the web, and I understand what the values mean. But I would like to get a battery with a good discharge duration, so is there a way to tell an approximate battery life ...
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What LiPo C-rating is best for a small 65mm quad?

I have a small 65mm quadcopter which uses 2s batteries. Is there a recommended LiPo C-rating to get for a drone like this? Or is there some way to figure out what C-rating I should get?
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