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LiPo battery cell yellow discoloration at seam

I am using a LiPo battery to power a model helicopter. After my first flight with it i noticed a yellow discoloration around the seam of one of the cells. The battery isn't puffed up. The voltages for ...
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confusing ESC Sound as soon as i move the sticks on transmitter

there is this confusing sound which pops out of the esc as soon as i move the sticks on the transmitter. This never happened before. Normally when i plug in my battery there appears a sound but this ...
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ISDT Q8 cells do not charge evenly

my ISTD Q8 charger cannot charge my 6s 5500 mah battery equally. I calibrated, but it still didn't improve, then I tried self-testing. When you go to the balance section, it gives an error with the ...
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Can I put lipo and li-ion batteries in series

I have two 3.7 volt 900 mAh LiPo battery, which I connected in series to provide 7.4 volts. But now I want 11.1 volts. Instead of buying another LiPo battery, am I able to put these two LiPo batteries ...
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quadcopter specification This quadcopter offers a 90-minute flight time on a 14S-14000mah Li-ion battery. The propellers being used have a 22-inch x ...
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6s battery but one fail while balance load charging. Still safe?

I have a 6s lipo battery. When I plug in for load balance charging. One of the cell is not connected, seems to be some problem with the wire of the white connector not connecting. Any idea if this is ...
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LiPo battery charger remotely controlled?

I spent hours trying to find a DC Li-Po charger that I can use to recharge my Drone's battery. I am looking for a DC charger accepting voltage between 24 to 48 V. This seems to exists. However, I also ...
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Is there a way to estimate battery discharge duration from mAh and C-rating?

Lots of batteries are out on the web, and I understand what the values mean. But I would like to get a battery with a good discharge duration, so is there a way to tell an approximate battery life ...
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What are Pro and Cons of using Lithium batteries over LiPo batteries for quadcopters [duplicate]

I heard that some people combine some Panasonic 18650 (3400mah 3.7V) lithium batteries to make a battery for their drones, I was wondering of the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of set ...
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LiPo 4S battery's output voltage higher than 14.8v

I have a LiPo 4S battery which the output should be 14.8v but it outputs, fully charged, 15.6v. The issue is that I have a voltage limit of 15v on a non-drone device that gathers data from sensors. So,...
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LiPo battery power maximization

I have a 3S1P 2.2A 50C battery for a drone that I build. I have a charger that looks like this: At first, when ...
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Estimate safe ESC curerent for 4108 600kv motors?

Is there a way to safely guess what current ESC's will need to be with this motor (or any motor in general)? The motors are rated 23A in the table, but that's only with a 4s; I might use a 6s in the ...
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Is there an advantage to having more LiPo cells in a low-power drone?

A major reason that high performance racing or freestyle drones use LiPo batteries with high cell count (6s rather that 3s or 4s) is so that the voltage won't sag as much. This allows high performance ...
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