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The amount of power the can be safely stored within a battery.

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Flight properties vs Energy Storage, is it a linear relationship?

I found an interesting drone platform from the brand: Dji Drones. From the spec sheet found here, I realized it had some limitations... but was curious if were to modify by adding more batteries, ...
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Which Drones are most popular for speed, durability , long battery life? [closed]

Also I’m having trouble finding good drones tha can do flips and have good quality of winds resistance and durability, which drone will be worth my time and money ; I have had Dij mavic loved it! But ...
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How to determine the largest LiPo I can use in a quadcopter?

Multirotors can usually operate with a larger battery than recommended for longer flight times but slightly less performance. However, there is a point of diminishing returns at which increasing the ...
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