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For questions about the batteries of your drone. Please consider using a more specific tag as well, e.g. [lipo].

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Parrot AR Drone 2.0 full battery shows as empty

A friend of mine gave me a Parrot AR Drone 2 that had been lying unused for a number of years. It was in working condition when he last used it. I had also flown it then. When I got the drone, the ...
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Calculate the total energey required to fly drone

How much energy will drone batteries consume if I have the following inputs, By using provided GPS flight path data I've calculated total horizontal distance using Haversine formula, and multiplying ...
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Brushless Motor no datasheets available

Currently I‘m searching for the right motor. I really have problems with this because there are no datasheets for the motors I inspect. Is there a central database for motor datasets or something like ...
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How much current can float through all pads of the PDB (Power distribution board)?

I want to buy the „PDB-HEX, 12S“ Power Distribution Board. Are the current values of PDB/current sense resistor and ESC power pads meant for the summarized current of all motors or for each Motor? Why ...
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