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How can I read the recording status of a Runcam Split 4 through UART?

I am working on a project where I need to interface with a Runcam Split 4 using its UART protocol. You can find the protocol documentation here I am able to get info about the device features through ...
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Dshot 600 ESC is not responding to the transmitter

I'm building a drone with arducopter 2.8 (ArduCopter V3.2.1) and I'm using the DSHot 600 (BLHELI_S) Opto ESC's as my ESC and when I connect the Opto ESC to the arducopter and arducopter to the ...
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Control drone from PC

I’m a programmer and novice in 'copters. I want to control my handmade drone from PC. (Use Python script to change yaw, roll, and pitch in real-time as if it can be controller using transmitter’s ...
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Custom flight mode in pixhawk flight controller

I am trying to convert a pixhawk drone into a quadrotor biplane tailsitter. Is there a way to create a transition flight mode where a motor pair will lower its RPM for a while until the drone's axis ...
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Ardurover: Cannot get NMEA from GPS to ardurover: Raw serial is fine

I am running ardurover (title bar says "Mission Planner 1.3.77 build 1.3.8110.38294 ArduRover V4.4.0-dev (650e8652) on a Beaglebone Blue with Linux 5.10.140-bone-rt-r68. I have a GPS connected to ...
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VTOL Drone design resources

I would like to make a high performance VTOL drone, and could use some readings and resources. I will also do my own research and try to post what I find here, so that others can reference this. After ...
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Help regarding docker & Ardupilot Copter v4.3

Can anyone please help with the docker for SITL? Once the docker run, I can not connect it from my host machine nither from QGroundControl. Thanks Not working ...
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How does ardupilot implement EKF?

How does ardupilot implement IMU EKF? Does it use quaternions or something else? Error state formulation or standard EKF? The documents I read didn't give the details of the implementation.
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How much current can float through all pads of the PDB (Power distribution board)?

I want to buy the „PDB-HEX, 12S“ Power Distribution Board. Are the current values of PDB/current sense resistor and ESC power pads meant for the summarized current of all motors or for each Motor? Why ...
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Connecting a RS232 sensor to the Pixhawk

I have an airspeed sensor that outputs a RS232 signal. This is the sensor: I want to connect this sensor to the Pixhawk in order to use the data for ...
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Raspberry Pi 4 between flight controller and receiver

I have TBS Crossfire Micro TX, Nano RX and Raspberry Pi 4, I haven't bought a flight controller yet because I have a problem: Until the drone receives a special command from the transmitter - I ...
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