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Using BMP280 as an altimeter for CanSat

Situation: Me and my student team want to use a BMP280 air pressure sensor connected to an Arduino Nano to measure the altitude of a CanSat. A CanSat is a coca cola can-shaped and can-sized aerial ...
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Assemble altimeter for flights and send to ground station by RF

Hello everyone. I'm looking for electronic help to build / assemble a bariometric altimeter that sends the altitude data at the moment to a ground station (arduino or others, smartphone, T 3000 etc ......
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Using MPL3115A2 to get relative altitude of a drone

I am using MPL3115A2 Altimeter to get the accurate relative altitude of my drone. I am getting an error of 30-60 cm without even moving the sensor. I have used several averaging and filtering methods ...
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