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Used for questions relating to the structural and support elements of a drone or model aircraft.

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What is lighest possible octa copter frame?

I am building a octacopter which produces thrust of around 4.8kgs (2200kv motor with 8inch prop, I checked single motor thrust on weigh scale, i got around 750gms on full throttle so I am assuming ...
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Ardupilot Frame of Reference for X-Quad

I was using pix hawk with Ardupilot : I want to know which frame of reference is used in pix hawk - Ardupilot - H configuration when I am observing the valued in the logs the Acceleration Z is showing ...
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What are the benefits to different types of frame arrangements?

When looking at different frames, there are lots of descriptions for different ways the arms are set up. Are there objective descriptions of how these arrangement change the flight characteristics ...
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What is a good alternative to carbon fibre for a quadcopter frame?

I am making a diy quadcopter and I need a strong and light material for its frame. Carbon fibre is not available in my area. I have tried aluminium but it's too soft and so needs repairs. What ...
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What are the typical methods of constructing a large airframe?

When building a 5 feet wingspan UAV, what building techniques: used on smaller aircraft can't scale to aircraft of this size? are best used on aircraft of this size? Ideally, I want a simple ...
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