There are nanocars and nanomachines in general.

I would be very impressed if a nano drone or nano-UAV existed, however, I would not be surprised if there has been something built on the microscopic scale.

What is the world record for the smallest drone ever made?


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Previous answers have covered commercial ones. I believe the smallest self-powered drone is the piccolissimo. It is 2.5g and passively stable.

Here is the Wikipedia article on it: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piccolissimo


The trouble with making a nano drone is that for it to be what is commonly considered a ‘drone’, it needs to be able to be controlled via radio waves and/or be programmed to complete specific tasks.

The trouble this introduces is that to receive radio waves effectively, the receiver antenna needs to be around one-half wavelength (AFAIK), so nano-scale drones are not practical for current technology.

Two very well-known ‘micro’ drones are the Cheerson CX-10 and the Hubsan Q4 H111, both of which are approximately 25mm by 25mm.

Of course, this is only considering consumer drones. Scientific laboratories, universities and the military likely have much smaller hardware.

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