I build a DIY Arduino drone. I also build a working DIY brushed ESC. I use 720 DC brushed motor. Let me please inform you that the min Throttle and the Max Throttle not working as expected.

  1. Min Throttle not starts from configured minThrottle.
  2. Max Throttle not reach from the configured maxThrottle.

Here's the config of throttle in arduino firmware:

  • MinThrottle = 1150
  • List MaxThrottle = 2000
  • MinCommand = 1000

Besides, I use Flysky fs-i6 Transmitter and Flysky 4ch-fs2A Receiver.

I watched many tutorial in Youtube but still not working. The drone can take off, but not too high. Please help.


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I do all what Youtube and another tutorial related to this question. Further, finally I know that, ESC can only be calibrated when there is a chip to STORE the calibration execution (both min and max throttle).

For some DIY brushed ESC with no chips on it, it can not be calibrated since it is directly controlled by core board (eg. arduino).


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