i would like to build a tailsitter and fly it with a flight controller such as ardupilot. ardupilot seems to support single/dual airplane motor configurations, or standard copter rotor layouts.

however, i'd like the tailsitter to have multiple motors in line with the wings

something like this

(not supported by ardupilot?)

(1) enter image description here or this

(2) enter image description here

i dont think ardupilot actually supports either of those, but it does appear to support this one:

(supported by ardupilot)


enter image description here


is it possible to use the configuration in image (3) above, but simply replicate the signal to each left/right motor to get left/right pairs of motors as in image (1) (that flies and hovers well)?

if so, how could i go about it? i'm assuming i'd still need an ESC per motor. but would i also need to boost the signal coming from the flight controller if it's getting shared? or is there some better/correct way to go about this?

would there be issues with feedback from the motors to the ESC back to the flight controller?

also asking at ardupilot



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