I'm planning to use Infineon XMC4000 or Infineon XMC7000 series micro-controller to design a flight controller/computer for my DIY UAV.
I'm planning to use Sub-GHz RF-Link to control/update the instruction given to the UAV.
I also wish to connect a standard CMOS camera to my UAV.
I'm thinking in line of Raspberry Pi 4 + Camera Module. Raspberry Pi 4 will encode the video in H.264 format before transmission.
I did some basic calculation and I realized that Sub-GHz RF-Link won't be able to support 1080p video transmission.
I'm thinking in adding 2.4GHz or 5GHz secondary RF-Link.

  1. I wish to know what is the recommended approach for connecting the cameras to ground station.
  2. How do standard drones connect to camera if they fight controller is based on STM32F411?
  3. Are their any off-the shelf solutions available to interface camera with UAV?

Almost all the cameras I looked into has USB or HDMI output.



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