I live in the Israeli Golan. There are a bunch of military bases around, and regulations about drones - since, naturally, you don't want to get your drone shot down or cause a national security incident.

I'm wondering about a small drone - specifically, the DJI Spark drone. It's 143×143×55mm in size, and weighs 300g.

What sort of license would I need to fly this drone in the Israeli Golan?


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The rules for drones in Israel are listed in this government document, no license is needed for personal flights but these rules must be followed (minor grammar corrections):

  • Read carefully the flight manual of your drone
  • Fly with a full line of sight visual contact
  • Do not fly over 50 meters altitude
  • Do not fly closer than 2 km from any airport or airfield
  • Join Israeli flight club for model aeroplanes http://www.aeroclub.org.il/

Do not:

  • fly nearby any aeroplanes
  • Do not fly above people and buildings, at least 250 meters range from them
  • Do not fly in a no-fly zone
  • Do not fly carelessly in a way that will cause danger for human life
  • Do not fly commercial flights without a license

As to if you can fly in the Israeli Golan, you should be fine. Specific no-fly zones are listed on this map.


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