I am new to this hobby and I am looking to make a rc airplane myself but I am confused to buy which propeller for this motor? enter image description here

enter image description here Model plane This is the propeller

Shall i buy CW or CCW propeller

Thanks, Paarth


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The size of the propeller depends on the voltage of your battery. Higher voltage batteries will make the motor spin faster, so require smaller props to stay within the power limit of the motor.

2200Kv is a fairly fast motor. A 6" diameter prop will be about the maximum the motor can handle with a 3s (11.1v) battery. That sort of plane would probably work better with a lower speed motor and a larger prop. Maybe 1000-1500Kv with a 8-10" prop.

You can also look at the scale size of the aircraft and work out how large a 'scale' size prop would be, then pick a motor that is suited to that size of prop.

As for prop rotation direction, it doesn't really matter. These motors can run in either direction equally well. For a twin engine plane, you have the option of running a clockwise prop on one side and a counter-clockwise prop on the other side. This eliminates the torque reaction from the motors, which makes it easier to steer in a straight line when taking off.

  • $\begingroup$ Sir now I am going to use 1400kV motors and 10 x 4.5 propelllers will that work? $\endgroup$ Feb 8 at 3:42
  • $\begingroup$ That sounds about right. If you find it's too slow, you could try a bit more pitch, like a 10x6 $\endgroup$ Feb 8 at 8:45

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