In the tasks.c file, this line in particular


If I understood this correctly, attitude is updated at 100hz only by default. Why then do we need gyros which update at 8kHz rates?


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I haven't quite dug into the source code to confirm my suspicions, but this file lends credence to the idea that this task facilitates accelerometer-based attitude calculations and not gyroscope-based calculations.

From line 274 to line 280 in the file you link to (tasks.c), the TASK_ATTITUDE task is said to be enabled if the accelerometer device is enabled (in the Betaflight Configurator):

#if defined(USE_ACC)
    if (sensors(SENSOR_ACC) && acc.sampleRateHz) {
        setTaskEnabled(TASK_ACCEL, true);
        rescheduleTask(TASK_ACCEL, TASK_PERIOD_HZ(acc.sampleRateHz));
        setTaskEnabled(TASK_ATTITUDE, true);

Given that these are the only times that the TASK_ATTITUDE task is mentioned in this file, I doubt that this 100 Hz task is related to gyroscopic sampling.


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