I have an AcroBee Lite(linked to the site I bought it) that I've gotten okay with, and now I would like to record some footage with it. The only problem is, I can't figure out how to record. Any idea what buttons I have to push to start/stop recording? Where can I find the files after I record them?


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I just scanned the manual for "record" and nothing. I looked at the build and I see no indication of recording capability.

There are 3 options (unless there is more information):

  1. Record on goggle. Some goggles have a DVR built in, generally low quality.
  2. Record on a dedicated DVR on device, goggle, or another receiver. I have used all of these options, DVR's start at $20.
  3. Mod it and put in a recording camera (if possible). This will get you to 1080p fast (if possible). RunCam, Caddx, and Foxeer all have models. I was working on this spreadsheet last week for our sub-250 units researching mounting trends - it is not complete but has a lot of the key players.

I know the New Bee guys and they should be able to help you out.


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