Frame: Carbon fiber 250mm
Motors: 2300Kv 2204
Power board: Matek built in BEC’s 12V + 5V
ESCs: HLGRC 30A opto (no BEC)
Battery: Turnigy Graphene 14V 75C 4S
Receiver: Turnigy iA6B

My question is, this is the first time I’ll be using the opto on a drone. How do I power the FC without frying it, seeing as how there are no BECs on the ESCs?

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The Matek PDB has a 5V regulator and this can be used to power the fc.

Just wire the PDB to one of the unused ESC plugs on the FC. The FC has solder pads for 6 ESCs (right on the picture) and for a quad you usually only need 4. So the connectors 1-4 are used for the escs and you can use 5 or 6 for the PDB.

The center pin (with + above) is 5V and the outer pin is ground (- above). Connect these two pads to the according pads on the PDB.

cc3d pinout

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Does your Matek power board have a 5V output? If it does have built in BECs, as your post suggests, you could be able to use those.

                                     │       ┌─────────────────┼┐
                                  ╔══╧══╗ ╔══╧══╗              ││
                                  ║ ESC ║ ║ ESC ║              ││
                                  ╚══╤══╝ ╚══╤══╝              ││
    ╔═══════════════╗  ╭───────╮  ╔══╧═══════╧══╗  ╭──────╮  ╔═╧╧═╗
    ║ LiPo Battery  ╟──┤  14V  ├──╢ Power Board ╟──┤  5V  ├──╢ FC ║
    ╚═══════════════╝  ╰───────╯  ╚══╤═══════╤══╝  ╰──────╯  ╚═╤╤═╝ 
                                  ╔══╧══╗ ╔══╧══╗              ││
                                  ║ ESC ║ ║ ESC ║              ││
                                  ╚══╤══╝ ╚══╤══╝              ││
                                     │       └─────────────────┼┘
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