The question I'm looking for a drone under 200€, preferably 5" (as that's what I'm used to) but other sizes are ok, that can be purchased/delivered to France, is compatible with a Taranis X7 and an Eachine EV800D. It needs to be as plug & play as possible because I'd rather have the opportunity to fly it at least once before spending another 10 hours Macgyvering the thing.

I have found some fairly interesting starter deals on getfpv.com:

Why not buy a complete package ?: Because I already own the transmitter and the FPV goggles. And from what I understood the gear I got is decent enough, so I'd rather keep using. plus I'm used to flying a sim with the Taranis so I'd rather keep it.

The Context, ignore if you don't care why I'm looking for such a plug & play solution: Last year, after watching a few guys flying their quads, I decided to buy one. Having quite some experience with building computers and being pushed by the other guys to custom build it, I ordered a bunch of component (chosen by them) and bought some second hand from said friends. I got started building the drone and it was a mess. I had done soldering work a few years before but never had it required such precision so I messed up and burnt parts of my first FC. Replaced it, managed to solder everything, only to realize halfway through the build that I couldn't for the life of me pair the Taranis to the receiver and have no way to check if the Taranis is at fault for cheap. I did a lot of research, re-soldered using different connections, changed the settings in betaflight ... in the end I changed the receiver. Still the same problem, spent an other half dozen hours on it. I spare you a whole lot more problems and research online... conclusion: after a good 25 hours spent trying to get this drone working I got so frustrated that I put everything in a box and left it there. note: during the year this group dissolved itself and I now have no contact with anyone that knows anything about quads, so I couldn't get help in building/troubleshooting anything.

Now, I want to fly, but I'd rather not have to build, flash & setup everything myself while going blind and with nobody to help me if need be. Thus, I'm looking for a ready-to-fly drone.

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I think the Cidora SL5-E is a very good choice. What you need to look for is the "BNF" suffix in the description which stands for "Bind and Fly". In that case a receiver is already built in. On the iflight website you can select this option. If you have the choice, it's best to select the r-xsr because it comes with telemetry.

If you are browsing shops look for these acronyms:

BNF: Bind and Fly, you can pair it to your existing remote and goggles

PNP: Plug and Play, you install your own receiver

RTF: Ready to Fly: a complete kit with everything included such as remote and sometimes goggles.

  • $\begingroup$ To add to this, the OP is looking for a FRSKY Bind-and-Fly. Unfortunately, I don't see the Cidora (SL5 or SL5-e) BNF in stock anywhere in the US. You can order from iFlight, but that will take a while to arrive. Anything on this page should be a BNF that works with the OP's hardware: getfpv.com/ready-to-fly-quadcopters/…. Also: given that the OP is in France, there's probably an EU-based vendor they can order from, but I'm not familiar with those at all. $\endgroup$ Jun 26, 2020 at 13:51
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you, I've read the specs and will order this quad, or a variant, from an European provider later today. $\endgroup$ Jun 26, 2020 at 15:12
  • $\begingroup$ For posterity's sake: I have received the quad. Flown it last weekend and I'm very satisfied ! Good advice, good device ! $\endgroup$ Jul 23, 2020 at 9:50

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