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Top new questions this week:

I have Radiomaster Boxer CC2500. Can i add an external elrs module on my Tx to make it elrs compatible or do i need to buy a new Tx?

I bought a CC2500 version of Tx which is sightly outdated. I didn't know this while buying. I came to know that i can use FrSky rx to make my drone compatible with my tx. If i want to make my tx ELRS ...

first-person-view transmitter receiver  
user avatar asked by New to Drones Score of 1
user avatar answered by DashOrion Score of 2

Licensed required for drop testing waterrockets in Europe?

I am currently working on a waterrocket which has landing legs and a few other features that I wanted to test before launching it. Therefore I was thinking about getting an A2 license for drones that ...

user avatar asked by The Rocket fan Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Would it be possible to perform a manual flip with my camera drone?

I have a Snaptain SP510 camera drone. I haven't flown in a while, but I'm interested in getting back to it. After seeing some videos, I began to wonder if I'd be able to perform a manual flip. I know ...

quadcopters performance unmanned-aerial-vehicle  
user avatar asked by Sovereign Inquiry Score of 3
user avatar answered by Jacob B Score of 5

How to enter DFU mode on my flight controller?

How can I enter DFU mode on flight controllers, in particular on my CL Racing F4S flight controller? Ref.:

betaflight flight-controller firmware  
user avatar asked by Ziem Score of 7
user avatar answered by Drones and Whatnot Score of 6

FC won't go into boot mode

I can't get to get my FC (a JHE MCU F722 BT dual) into boot mode. I have tried: under Linux (pop-os 21.04) and win 10 pressing the boot button when powering it up via USB entering DFU mode via ...

flight-controller betaflight  
user avatar asked by Matthieu Kints van Score of 5
user avatar answered by Brydon Gibson Score of 2

Why is an MPU6000 more well suited for drones than an ICM IMU?

I have seen people say that the MPU6000 is the superior gyro chip, even though the ICM chip has a faster refresh rate and is technically superior in any other use. Why is it better to have a lower ...

hardware comparison imu  
user avatar asked by Drones and Whatnot Score of 10
user avatar answered by QuadMcFly Score of 7

What does BEC, SBEC, UBEC, and OPTO mean for brushless motor ESCs?

I'm looking to purchase an ESC to go with a brushless motor. Many of the product pages include terms related to a BEC, such as SBEC, UBEC, and Opto. What do those acronyms mean and how should I ...

brushless-motors esc  
user avatar asked by Daniel Ballinger Score of 12
user avatar answered by FlashCactus Score of 8

How can I configure a servo in Betaflight?

I’m looking to make a drone capable of deploying a parachute, so I need a servo release mechanism. How can I configure a servo and map it to a switch in Betaflight? Thanks.

betaflight hardware accessories  
user avatar asked by Drones and Whatnot Score of 5
user avatar answered by Nikita Pedorich Score of 12

Pro and cons of each quadcopter type of rotor arrangement

To design a quadcopter there are 4 main types you can decide to implement What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types?

quadcopters design  
user avatar asked by AndreaF Score of 2
user avatar answered by Robin Bennett Score of 2

Can you answer this question?

DJI F450 Drone Kit Equivalent

I wanted to buy the DJI F450 Drone Kit, however as it is no longer produced, I want to buy an equivalent. Does anyone know any Pre-soldered drone kit like the DJI F450 that can lift a camera, jetson ...

quadcopters hardware recommendations dji building  
user avatar asked by Anay Gokhale Score of 1
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