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Top new questions this week:

XM+ bound to FRSKY x9 lite, but commands not showing up in betaflight

I'm very new to making drones, so sorry in advance for lack of proper terminology or if this is a dumb question. I've bound my xm+ to my transmitter (solid green light showing on receiver), but for ...

betaflight transmitter receiver frsky-xm+  
asked by 5 votes
answered by Hannes Hultergård 1 vote

What Requirements Do I Need to Comply with in Order to Fly a Custom Drone Commercially in Texas

I'm currently in the process of selecting parts for use in both a quad and VTOL flying wing drones. Both drones are going to weigh over 250 grams but I don't know what the total weight will be yet ...

regulations license  
asked by at0micV3n0m 3 votes
answered by aerotek avia 0 votes

Estimate position of a balloon attached to a quadcopter

I'm trying to measure/estimate the position of a balloon, for that I need the two angles shown in the picture below. enter image description here The idea is to place a helium filled balloon on a ...

hardware recommendations sensor optical-sensor  
asked by BobaFetty91 3 votes
answered by Robin Bennett 2 votes

How to Simultaneously View and Record GoPro Content While Flying

I want to be able to remotely take pictures and start and stop video using a GoPro Hero 9 Black while it's attached to a quadcopter. The pictures will need to be saved to the GoPro's internal memory ...

recommendations video-transmitters autonomous video-recording autopilot  
asked by at0micV3n0m 2 votes
answered by Hannes Hultergård 1 vote

Proper rotor fastening (Nyloc nut)

I am trying to figure out how to properly fasten my rotors on my quadcopter. I am pretty sure the nuts are Nyloc, but here is a picture for reference: I read online in many places that you should ...

quadcopters multirotor recommendations motor rotors  
asked by figbar 2 votes
answered by Jacob B 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I know the laws of a specific country regarding drones?

Reworded from: If travelling to a few countries, I was wondering if there is one source for all the drone rules/laws of the countries I am travelling to ...

asked by Xnero 11 votes
answered by Kralc 12 votes

Why is 900 MHz better for long range than 2.4 GHz?

There are various transmitter modules like the FrSky R9M system which operate at around 900MHz rather than the more commonly seen 2.4GHz. Why is 900MHz better for long range drones, and why is 2.4GHz ...

transmitter long-range-drone range frsky-r9m radio-frequency  
asked by Jacob B 3 votes
answered by ifconfig 6 votes

Why do multirotors usually have four propellors?

I've observed that hover-capable drones almost always have four propellers. There are helicopters of course, which have two, but in general, the vast majority of UAVs seem to go with four propellers. ...

multirotor design  
asked by anonymous2 18 votes
answered by Kenn Sebesta 25 votes

At what current should I charge a LiPo battery?

I have several different LiPo batteries which I use with my drones, many of them are different voltages and different capacities. How do I know at what current I should charge my drone LiPo batteries?

lipo-batteries battery-safety charging  
asked by Jacob B 5 votes
answered by ifconfig 8 votes

When flying FPV with a 5.8ghz video transmitter, is an Amateur Radio License (Ham license) required?

What are the legal requirements I need to know when operating a 5.8ghz video transmitter like the ones often used for flying FPV? Are the rules different around the world? Is a technicians class ...

first-person-view regulations video-transmitters  
asked by 5zero7rc 8 votes
answered by Kralc 8 votes

Report a lost drone in the UK?

I recently lost my drone in the UK, it is quite big and sure someone must have picked it up. Is there any way to try and recover it, an online lost drone database? What steps can be taken in the ...

united-kingdom online-resources  
asked by Xnero 9 votes
answered by Drones and Whatnot 13 votes

Disposing of a drone safely

Related: How do I safely dispose of my LiPo batteries? If my drone crashes and I want to dispose of it, how can I do so safely? Is it necessary to disassemble the drone into different parts: motors, ...

asked by Xnero 9 votes
answered by Kralc 13 votes

Can you answer these questions?

BLDC Motors not spinning at commanded RPM

I have a F450 Quadcopter frame with BLDC motors of 1000Kv and ESC (simonk) 30A each. I am trying to verify if the bldc motor rpm output at a commanded rpm is same as commanded rpm. I am using ...

hardware esc brushless-motors  
asked by TheLazy 1 vote

Mini 2 doesn't receive 2.7k 60fps after update

As announced, DJI Mavic Mini 2 should support 2.7k 60fps. I did latest update, currently 01.02.0300 but still do not see the option. Does anybody has the same problem ? Thank you!

video dji-mavic-mini dji-mini-2  
asked by JZK 2 votes
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