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Why do most drones have upward facing motors?

Most freestyle quadcopters I have seen are specifically designed to fly with the motors facing upward and have the arms of the drone underneath the propellers like this: As you can see in the picture ...

multirotor quadcopters propellers comparison motor-mounting  
asked by Jacob B 13 votes
answered by Kralc 20 votes

How to measure the pitch of a propeller?

I have some random drone propellers which I don't have any information on. I looking to find a way to measure the pitch of the propellers to figure out if they will be well suited to a 5-inch drone I ...

propellers propeller-pitch  
asked by Jacob B 5 votes
answered by Ben Wilson 7 votes

Disposing of a drone safely

Related: How do I safely dispose of my LiPo batteries? If my drone crashes and I want to dispose of it, how can I do so safely? Is it necessary to disassemble the drone into different parts: motors, ...

asked by Xnero 9 votes
answered by Kralc 13 votes

How high can the Mavic Mini fly?

I was wondering how high the DJI Mavic Mini could fly before the air became too thin. I know that there are restrictions in the app (and probably in the drone/controller itself) but if you were able ...

dji dji-mavic-mini  
asked by Tyler Selden 3 votes
answered by Kralc 5 votes

How to build a buddy box cable for FlySky FS-i6X RC transmitters?

I have a couple of FlySky FS-i6X RC transmitters that I'd like to use to teach my brother how to fly. I've seen other people use "buddy box" cables that connect two transmitters and allow one person ...

hardware buddy-box flysky fs-i6x  
asked by ifconfig 5 votes
answered by ifconfig 4 votes

What's the difference between the Spektrum DX6 and DX6e?

Besides 90 bucks :-) Looking through the specifications, they're both DSM2/DSMX radios with more model memories than you can use, 6 channels, wireless trainer, telemetry, 7 aircraft wing mixing types ...

transmitter spektrum  
asked by Robin Bennett 4 votes
answered by Hannes Hultergård 3 votes

Drone tipping over when attempting to fly (possible accelerometer problem?)

This is my first time building a drone, so sorry if this is a stupid question or I use the wrong words. When I attempt to fly my drone, it immediately tips over (link to video here:

asked by Drew 6 votes
answered by pion 4 votes
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