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Top new questions this week:

Visual references when driving a Quad Copter through gates

I am a complete beginner, starting to learn to fly. So far I managed to control the altitude and do some basic turns, I can also do figure eights if the flags are well far from each other. I realised ...

quadcopters first-person-view racing  
asked by sfrj 5 votes
answered by Robin Bennett 4 votes

EU Citizens: range settings of DJI Digital FPV system (FCC vs CE)?

I'm looking to buy the DJI Digital FPV System and I'm now looking at the range. In the specs it says: ...

first-person-view range dji dji-air-unit  
asked by kramer65 4 votes
answered by Kralc 1 vote

Is it possible to enable pit mode without using the button with SmartAudio?

I know that pit mode can't be enabled from Betaflight after power up with SmartAudio, but I think it is a bit annoying that you have to hold the button on the VTX during power up if you want to enable ...

betaflight video-transmitters  
asked by Hannes Hultergård 4 votes

Does anyone have a manual for this radio?

I ordered this JJRC JJPRO EM-16 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A Mode 2 RC Transmitter with Receiver Support P175 for RC Drone from banggood, and now I'm trying to figure out what the default settings are and how ...

transmitter resources online-resources  
asked by Ceramicmrno0b 3 votes

30 year old water-slide decals. Are they still usable?

Not strictly a drone or model aircraft question, but I have seen multiple questions here about painting models, and this is also about the aesthetics. When clearing my deceased cousins house, I found ...

paint decorations  
asked by Tonny 3 votes
answered by Jacob B 2 votes

Can you charge 1s and 2s batteries at the same time with the tinyhawk 2 included charger?

I just got a Tinyhawk 2. It came with 2 batteries (2s and 1s) and a battery charger that you plug in to USB. I know that you can't parallel charge batteries with different cell count, but it looks ...

lipo-batteries batteries battery-safety tinywhoop  
asked by Hannes Hultergård 3 votes
answered by Jacob B 3 votes

Specs of the XT30 port on DJI M600 PRO

I'm new here and so I would appreciate any answers, I work in a research laboratory at Brazil and we have an M600 PRO. I need to connect some components to the XT 30 port, so I need to know more ...

dji compatibility spec-sheet matrice-600-pro  
asked by Filipe Barbosa Veras 3 votes
answered by Jacob B 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Will LiPo batteries deteriorate outside with the temperature changes due to day-night cycle?

I am new to the hobby and I'm concerned about LiPo batteries. I live in an apartment (this is Europe, blocks of apartments are the norm in my country) so I can not put the batteries in a dedicated ...

lipo-batteries battery-safety  
asked by D1X 8 votes

What is a good alternative to carbon fibre for a quadcopter frame?

I am making a diy quadcopter and I need a strong and light material for its frame. Carbon fibre is not available in my area. I have tried aluminium but it's too soft and so needs repairs. What ...

drone-frame material fabrication airframe  
asked by Himanshu Mahara 15 votes
answered by FlashCactus 15 votes

Can I use two 2s lipo batteries to power my FPV DJI goggles?

The FPV DJI goggles can take 7.4-17.6 Voltage. I am using a 2S 3000mAh LiPo battery. My plan is to buy another of the same liPo battery and attach it with a female to 2 male TX60 connector, making it ...

lipo-batteries battery-safety fpv-goggles dji  
asked by DroneDome 4 votes
answered by Flyback FPV 7 votes

Why do multirotors usually have four propellors?

I've observed that hover-capable drones almost always have four propellers. There are helicopters of course, which have two, but in general, the vast majority of UAVs seem to go with four propellers. ...

multirotor design  
asked by anonymous2 18 votes
answered by Kenn Sebesta 25 votes

How does frame stiffness affect a quadcopter?

When choosing a frame for a drone, something I hear mentioned occasionally is how flexible the carbon fiber is. It seems that the general opinion is: more flex in a frame is worse. How would having a ...

multirotor quadcopters performance drone-frame material  
asked by Jacob B 7 votes
answered by Kenn Sebesta 12 votes

Can circularly and linearly polarized antennae be used together for FPV?

I have a few spare antennae of mixed polarizations I'd like to be able to reuse for my FPV gear. Is there anything I need to know about incompatible configurations of mismatched polarizations ...

transmitter antenna first-person-view receiver  
asked by ifconfig 11 votes
answered by ifconfig 12 votes

what HD cameras should be used and for what purpose?

I was looking for a camera the other day and I came across a few options. GoPro Session 5, Caddx Orca, Gopro Hero 8 Black, Insta360 One R, and the GoPro Hero 7 silver. I realize that these are all ...

recommendations camera video-recording  
asked by jlettow01 7 votes
answered by 5zero7rc 7 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is there a benefit to using multiple capacitors on FPV drones?

From what I've heard, you need at least one capacitor on the ESC of a drone so that it can smooth out the voltage spikes to prevent electrical noise and improve the longevity of the ESC. If this is ...

quadcopters esc design capacitors  
asked by Jacob B 1 vote
answered by Kralc 0 votes

Taranis x9d plus se 2019 malfunctioning

My taranis suddenly stopped working properly. When I turn on the taranis it does not read my crossfire module anymore (sometimes the crossfire turns on/off randomly) and then the taranis screen goes ...

asked by DroneDome 2 votes
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