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Top new questions this week:

BLHELI32 DShot600 or DShot150 is not activated in my ESCs from my code written in c c++ in testing with 3 different ESC

My question is more related to inner working of ESC than coding. Particularly how to activate a particular protocol like DShot600 or Dshot150. Assuming a generic BLHELI ESC has all these protocols. I ...

flight-controller esc blheli dshot esc-protocol  
asked by ZAK Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

multi-protocol transmitters -- difference between stm32 4-in-1 and stm32 c2500 only ? [tx16s Vs. tx12]

Searching on the radio controllers radiomaster TX16s and TX12, I found that video that warns me that Tx16s has an internal stm32 4-in-1 ...

transmitter antenna long-range-drone multiprotocol-module transmitter-protocol  
asked by user1598 Score of 5
answered by Kritik Agrawal Score of 2

Can circularly and linearly polarized antennae be used together for FPV?

I have a few spare antennae of mixed polarizations I'd like to be able to reuse for my FPV gear. Is there anything I need to know about incompatible configurations of mismatched polarizations ...

transmitter antenna first-person-view receiver  
asked by ifconfig Score of 11
answered by ifconfig Score of 12

What is the advantage of a stretched-X frame over a true-X or squished-X design for racing?

Most racing frames on the market appear to be stretched-X (longer than they are wide). I have heard the argument that a stretched-X allows better airflow to the rear props due to physical distance, ...

hardware racing drone-frame  
asked by Ben Wilson Score of 6

Is it better to have a bottom heavy quadcopter or a top heavy quadcopter when it comes to a quadcopter stability?

Does it matter where the battery is mounted? Or is it best to have the centre of gravity aligned with the propeller plane where the thrust is generated?

multirotor batteries design drone-frame  
asked by Diamondx Score of 13
answered by Kenn Sebesta Score of 11

How does the center of gravity affect a quadcopter?

I have heard a lot about center of gravity for fixed wings, but very little about the CG in quadcopters. How does moving the CG forward or backward impact the flight characteristics of a quadcopter? ...

quadcopters performance center-of-gravity  
asked by Jacob B Score of 4
answered by ifconfig Score of 5

Motor output limiting

Can you configure your motor output limit on betaflight or DJI goggles? I know you can do it through the fatshark goggles, but I do not have parts to build a drone, so I am asking before I get 2700 ...

betaflight motor  
asked by DroneDome Score of 5

Why is 900 MHz better for long range than 2.4 GHz?

There are various transmitter modules like the FrSky R9M system which operate at around 900MHz rather than the more commonly seen 2.4GHz. Why is 900MHz better for long range drones, and why is 2.4GHz ...

transmitter long-range-drone range frsky-r9m radio-frequency  
asked by Jacob B Score of 4
answered by ifconfig Score of 9
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