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What do the numbers mean on a brushless DC motor?

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors can have a range of numbers on them: A four-digit number (e.g. 2212) A KV number (already explained on this site) A number with N and P (e.g 12N14P) What do they mean?

hardware brushless-motors  
asked by Kralc 7 votes
answered by Kralc 3 votes

Will LiPo batteries deteriorate outside with the temperature changes due to day-night cycle?

I am new to the hobby and I'm concerned about LiPo batteries. I live in an apartment (this is Europe, blocks of apartments are the norm in my country) so I can not put the batteries in a dedicated ...

lipo-batteries battery-safety  
asked by D1X 7 votes
answered by Kralc 5 votes

Grinding sound on FPV motor but no apparent damage

I have been testing a new brushless motor for an RC plane. It is a 2200KV motor controlled by a 30A BLDC ESC. I heard a grinding noise coming from my motor, as demonstrated in the following video: ...

brushless-motors esc troubleshooting aircraft  
asked by frc_contributor 7 votes
answered by QuadMcFly 5 votes

Holy Stone HS110D Drone PCB Wiring - What does the circled wire in the picture do?

Total drone noob here so please bear with me. I bought my first cheap drone and I crashed it while flying indoor and one of the rotors stopped working so I took it apart to replace the rotor. But then ...

wiring repairs  
asked by krypton8 7 votes
answered by Kralc 8 votes

How to pick parts for a quadcopter flying on Mars?

So let's say I wish to build a quad to fly a GoPro around in Mars. How should I go about planning the build (target AUW [all-up weight], motor to motor distance, propulsion & power system, etc.)? ...

asked by 3k- 6 votes
answered by ifconfig 3 votes

Does motor KV requirement scale linearly with voltage?

There have been myriad questions regarding motor KV, such as this one. Many of these come close to answering my question, however none have given me a definite answer. If I am picking motors for a ...

hardware brushless-motors motor  
asked by Drones and Whatnot 6 votes
answered by QuadMcFly 4 votes

How can I run a 2450KV 2207 motor on 4S with 7” props?

I’m looking to use some spare motors I have to build a 7” rig. The problem is that they are 2450KV, and I don’t want to burn out my other components. As I understand it, if I set a motor output limit ...

hardware brushless-motors motor  
asked by Drones and Whatnot 4 votes

Can you answer this question?

Quadcopter rotates too slow

When I flew my drone yesterday, all the manoeuvres I did felt really slow. I then went into the OSD and changed the rates a bit. The drone then acted as it should, but when I then changed back it ...

quadcopters betaflight blackbox  
asked by Hannes Hultergård 3 votes
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