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Top new questions this week:

Transmit video from drone to laptop via WiFi

I recently decided to build my first drone and bought Eachine Tyro 129 KIT. It has a 5.8GHz video transmitter - xf5804 which is supposed to send video to 5.8GHz goggles. I don't have goggles and I'm ...

video-transmitters video-signal long-range-drone video  
asked by user1876484 6 votes
answered by Kralc 4 votes

LiPo 4S battery's output voltage higher than 14.8v

I have a LiPo 4S battery which the output should be 14.8v but it outputs, fully charged, 15.6v. The issue is that I have a voltage limit of 15v on a non-drone device that gathers data from sensors. ...

lipo-batteries battery-cell  
asked by aripod 6 votes
answered by Willrow Hood 2 votes

LiPo battery power maximization

I have a 3S1P 2.2A 50C battery for a drone that I build. I have a charger that looks like this: At first, when ...

lipo-batteries batteries charging battery-cell  
asked by DragonflyRobotics 5 votes
answered by ifconfig 3 votes

Is it feasible to use an RC car transmitter/receiver to control an RC plane?

I am a beginner to the hobby and I've been constructing chuck gliders out of foam board and card for a few years. I'd like to start making models that I can control, but I don't have much of a budget. ...

transmitter receiver fixed-wing  
asked by ThatCoolCoder 4 votes
answered by ifconfig 4 votes

Why don't solutions exist for a 3-axis helicopter flight controller?

So I've been searching around for a 3-axis flight controller for my 450-size helicopter. It seems that nearly every flight controller which is sold today is configured for solely the control of ...

quadcopters flight-controller helicopters  
asked by tuskiomi 3 votes
answered by Robin Bennett 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are there any extremely small brushless drone motors?

I have seen many tiny brushed drones, about an inch from motor to motor, and was wondering whether it would be possible to create a brushless drone that small. Are there any brushless motors available ...

brushless-motors under-250-grams  
asked by Jacob B 4 votes
answered by Drones and Whatnot 2 votes

Can I use LiHV batteries as normal batteries?

I have a small drone and the only batteries I can find that fit it are LiHV batteries. Can I use LiHV batteries like normal LiPo batteries? Can I just simply charge a LiHV battery to 4.2v and fly with ...

lipo-batteries battery-safety lihv-batteries  
asked by Jacob B 5 votes
answered by ifconfig 7 votes

Why do a quadcopter's opposite rotors spin in the same direction?

All the quadcopters I've seen have four motors, arranged in a square-like shape. Two of these rotors spin one way, and two of them spin the other way so that the main body of the quadcopter doesn't ...

quadcopters design  
asked by wizzwizz4 9 votes
answered by Kralc 7 votes

Why are most multirotors built with an even number of rotors?

The most common types of multirotor are quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters (with four, six and eight rotors respectively). Are there scientific reasons why most drones built with an even ...

multirotor rotors  
asked by TheSimpliFire 18 votes
answered by Tehllama 18 votes

How to know if a place is a no-drone zone in the UK?

I live in the UK and often hear that a lot of places are "no-drone zones" meaning flying a drone there could get you a penalty. Is there any database for these zones as often signage isn't clear?

regulations united-kingdom  
asked by Daniil 14 votes
answered by Kralc 11 votes

For custom multirotors, what is the most useful method of collecting flight data?

When it is desirable to know exactly what is happening on a multirotor, such as when flight testing a new multirotor concept or design, what measurement equipment and circuit designs are most useful ...

multirotor performance  
asked by HansenJC001 6 votes
answered by ifconfig 5 votes

How does a quadcopter yaw?

I've always wondered how a quadcopter actually yaws, when all propellers are horizontal. I know that two of the motors spins faster, but I don't understand how that generates thrust in the horizontal ...

quadcopters propellers  
asked by Hannes Hultergård 16 votes
answered by Kenn Sebesta 14 votes

Can you answer this question?

Streaming FPV over WiFi?

I met a guy some time ago running a first person view (FPV) stream over Wifi. He said that the setup didn't use a complete Operations System Interconnect (OSI) network stack and this allowed them to ...

asked by Carel 3 votes
answered by jpou 0 votes
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