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Do laws on 'drones' in Australia apply to fixed wing model aircraft?

I've been looking at the CASA RPA rules (specifically under 250g and under 2kg non-commercial) and there doesn't seem to be a section on fixed-wing aircraft. Do the rules for 'drones' (for instance ...

fixed-wing regulations under-250-grams rules  
user avatar asked by ThatCoolCoder Score of 9
user avatar answered by Jacob B Score of 6

When flying FPV with a 5.8ghz video transmitter, is an Amateur Radio License (Ham license) required?

What are the legal requirements I need to know when operating a 5.8ghz video transmitter like the ones often used for flying FPV? Are the rules different around the world? Is a technicians class ...

first-person-view regulations video-transmitters  
user avatar asked by 5zero7rc Score of 8

Can I run two motors off of one ESC?

Normally, a dual-motor plane has two ESCs but could I connect two brushless motors to one ESC? What would happen to the torque and speed of each of the two motors connected to the ESC?

brushless-motors esc fixed-wing  
user avatar asked by Jacob B Score of 8
user avatar answered by FlashCactus Score of 9

Why do drone propellers have blades with thin chords?

Almost all propellers used for drones have very thin chord length compared to the propellers used for things like table fans or boats which seem to have blades with much longer chord length. What is ...

multirotor propellers comparison  
user avatar asked by Jacob B Score of 13
user avatar answered by Kenn Sebesta Score of 12

Why is 900 MHz better for long range than 2.4 GHz?

There are various transmitter modules like the FrSky R9M system which operate at around 900MHz rather than the more commonly seen 2.4GHz. Why is 900MHz better for long range drones, and why is 2.4GHz ...

transmitter long-range-drone range frsky-r9m radio-frequency  
user avatar asked by Jacob B Score of 4
user avatar answered by ifconfig Score of 9

What technology offers the longest range for RC controls?

After watching a video demonstrating a jet-powered RC aircraft, I started to wonder about the maximum range available with modern RC equipment. What is the maximum range currently available, and ...

long-range-drone range aircraft radio-frequency distance-limit  
user avatar asked by RockPaperLz- Mask it or Casket Score of 5
user avatar answered by jpou Score of 3

What does Feed Forward do and how does it work?

PID tuning involves P, I and D gains to help the quad follow RC commands. Whenever there is an error, P would "push" the quad to reduce the error. So how does Feed Forward come to play?

betaflight multirotor pid  
user avatar asked by Klystrom Score of 12
user avatar answered by FlashCactus Score of 11
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